Best Baby Android Apps

Since the inception and advancement of technology, gadgets like smartphones and tablets are known to have contributed a lot and made learning, fun and easy for kids. Early childhood is a crucial time for any person to get introduced to the ways in which he can learn new things.

The below-mentioned list has all the best baby android learning apps which vary according to specific skills:

ABC Kids:

Kids find this application very fascinating as it is simple, interesting and easy to use. They learn their ABC from this app. It needs the kids to trace the letter that pops up on the screen and then the app tells them about the letter. There is also a game in it which is about matching letters, lowercase, and uppercase letters. It has a beautiful collection of animals and environment in the background; which makes the kids stay glued to this app.

Bonus: It’s free of cost, advertisement free, and there are no in-app purchases.

First words for Baby apps:

A vocabulary builder app for small babies that includes a series of the best baby apps that consists of different themes like food, colors, and animals. The working of all these apps is almost similar in some way. First, it displays the word with an image from the category selected and then it tells what it is, by pronouncing that word.

Bonus: Free of cost app that teaches kids to talk.

Cons: Has advertisements, but can be removed by making a payment of $1.99.

Kids Balloon Pop:

A game like this is quite a great choice for little babies as this game is all about tapping on the screen to pop the balloons. It has several play modes but for your babies, normal mode is good to go. It has a free as well as a pro version which can be purchased whenever you feel the need.

Kids Doodle:

Toddlers can be seen moving their clumsy little fingers in some or other way whenever they get a hold of something like a pencil, chalk or color. This app is best for the kids as they are fond of drawing. Babies enjoy this app as it features a variety of attractive neon colors, 18 brushes, and canvas background colors that can be customized too. This app also provides you with a feature of recording the screen and capturing your kid’s drawing.

Bonus: It’s free of cost and advertisement free.

Although there are plenty of amazing and effective learning apps for kids, however, you should keep an eye on your kid and see if he is spending more than the required amount of time on the device.