Pregnancy is the best time for a mum-to-be to make good memories. While pregnant, a mother should be happy and joyful as it is proven that a mother’s well-being affects the neurological and psychological development of the child directly. Happy mother, happy, and healthy baby. While there are some drawbacks when expecting like, you have to bid farewell to the margaritas and miss out sushi for the upcoming nine months time. It feels deprived of a lot of favorites but focusing on the pregnancy-friendly do’s listed below helps a lot.

Take a trip:

You are carrying a baby bump but you still have some time left to drag a baby stroller and a mountain of diapers. So it is the best time (second trimester) for you to go on a babymoon with your husband. It is a great idea as you will be comfortable while traveling but there are few do’s and don’ts you should be careful about.

  • Choose a place where you get all the medical facilities
  • If you plan to take a flight, you should avoid any carbonated drinks and gas causing foods but keep consuming non-carbonated things to keep yourself hydrated as pregnant women feel more dehydrated than usual.
  • Select the aisle seat so that whenever you need to go and freshen up, you can and also keep stretching. And take care of your feet so that they don’t swell much.

 Pamper yourself:

There are plenty of things to do when you are pregnant. The list is as follows:

  • Talk to your tummy
  • Apply henna on your belly but keep in mind that henna is lead-free
  • Pick a novel and read it
  • Play music from your playlist
  • Watch your favorite movie
  • Go to a spa day to relax
  • Water plants in your garden

Get relief from your pregnancy aches, workout:

Labor pain is the most difficult phase in a pregnant woman’s life. Exercising in pregnancy helps in reducing pregnancy symptoms like backache, swelling, and constipation. In addition to all these, it tones the muscles and improves posture and endurance. There are low-intensity workout options like swimming, prenatal yoga, and biking which helps in getting rid of muscle fatigue. Before doing anything, just make sure that you ask your doctor about all of it and then continue with it. While working out, if you ever feel out of breath, stop at that moment and always try to be hydrated no matter what.

Search for Baby names:

Searching a name for a newborn is not that easy now because with too many options comes confusion. So do not delay it till the last moment. Go through a variety of sources where you can find meaningful unique names, discuss it with your husband and sieve the ones you like the most.

 Decorate the Nursery:

The nursery will be the place where you are going to spend most of your time. Every mom-to-be has dreamt of the picturesque nursery for the new one. Scour through you saved pins on Pinterest and decorate it to your heart’s desire Add colorful toys and drapes and curtains to the neutral tones of the room to give it a playful touch.

Shopping Spree:

Pregnancy also has its perks, Shopping!!! As your size changes, you are full of excuses to buy something that fits you. And with the changing month, you can extend your shopping and can go every month for it. This is also the time when you can bond with your mom or mother-in-law and also friends. Keep pampering yourself!

Photo Memories:

Memories are forever and through photographs, we get a chance to relive those moments whenever we want. Maintain the habit to keep a scrapbook with you that covers your pregnancy period. Try to capture the moments from the time you got the great news till the time the child popped out. To make it sweeter, you can add notes of the time when that specific picture was clicked so that you can tell your kids about what you (mom and dad) were talking about. You can also paste some congratulations cards in it and make it more memorable for later.

Ask husband to talk to your bump:

Every father-to-be loves the idea of reading the baby bumps and finds it a good way to introduce them to the baby. They find it very emotional and cherish the moment when in response the baby kicks.

Spend quality time with your mom:

This is the best time to bond with your mom and mom-in-law. You can either go to lunch or dinner with her. Ask her for parenting tips and brainstorm on the things needed to be done on the first few days of your delivery. Show your appreciation and give her a present as a Thank-you gift.

 Make a fun-list:

Responsibilities generally make us forget what exactly is fun? So, do yourself a favor, remind yourself about the things you find fun to do and jot them down in a diary. This list can go on forever like cycling, shopping, movies, listening to music, road trip, hanging out with friends and family, all this can be fun for you.

Get away from the gadgets:

When was the last time you remember going out without your mobile phone? No you can’t remember. So, this time just hide all the stuff, phones, tablets, switch off the TV and go out with your partner and enjoy the long conversations with him. Try and feel out of the world.

There are numerous ways to know if a human being is depressed or not as they show a lot of behaviors which are easy to tell. Even if you don’t understand their grief through their behavior, they have a benefit that they can talk and tell.

Unlike humans, dogs do not have this power to express but they also get depressed because of plenty of reasons and here are a few symptoms that will tell you that your dog is depressed.

Appetite changes:

The depressed dog tends to eat less or worst case: eat nothing at all. Loss of interest in food leads to weight loss whereas in some dogs it’s the total opposite of this behavior. Some dogs follow a different pattern and incline towards food and gain more weight.

Change in sleeping habits:

You might notice that when a dog is sad, it sleeps more than usual. You might not know it properly as dogs are sound sleepers but when you will notice that your dog isn’t doing the usual; especially when you are back home after your job,  you will definitely want to know what’s wrong with him.

Loss of interest:

If you notice some unusual behaviors of your dog and you see that he does not gaga anymore for a walk or ball chase, there is definitely something wrong with him.

Avoiding or hiding:

If your dog is running away or hiding from you and finding peace in solitude, there is an issue. You need to intervene and find it out.

Paw licking gets excessive:

When you find your dog licking his paws more often, you should know that your dog is definitely not happy.

Here are a few ways listed that will help you to cheer up your dog:

Go out and explore the outdoors:

We humans need to be reminded that dogs are animals that came from the outdoors and are nature lovers. So, if you take them out for long walks or to play fetch games, they will be happy and you will see them overcoming their depression if you do this periodically in a day.

Give more than required attention:

 To make them feel comfortable and happy, spend more than usual time with them so that they know that they have your support. Have some patience and try to be more understanding with your dog and just be there for him.

Are you a fan of anime and want to watch the new episode that just released, regardless of your location? To get the benefits of this advantage, all you need is a smartphone, good internet connection, and the best to-go anime apps.

Below is a well-prepared list of the apps that will fulfill all your requirements and you can enjoy all these free of cost. 

CrunchyRoll: CrunchyRoll is the best to-go app for Android phones. It comes with the largest library of new and classic anime with the benefit of the subtitles in various languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic. It offers access to more than 25000 anime in the highest quality and zero cost. If you don’t like watching, there is a facility to read too. This user-friendly app has a vast collection of genres and you can search for anime alphabetically. If you can manage watching commercials in between, then it’s best for you but if you want it to be ad-free, then you need to download the premium package with 14-day free trial option.

FunimationNow: FunimationNow comes with a great library of animes, especially for the fans who like watching manga and anime series online. You can search manually and look for any title. Moreover, you can save your favorites to a list that you can create here. This app has a simple interface which has features that give you the freedom to download episodes, if you want to watch them later. With a variety of genres, you can search the exact one.

Kitsu: Anime & Manga Tracker: You can download this app and watch the anime series and movies directly without any botheration for searches. Visit the main page and you will see a list of new and updated episodes. In addition to this, it has a feature that helps you in sorting the episodes according to the genre. You can add your favorites to the list you created so that you can go back and watch them later.

Viewster – Anime & Fandom TV: It is exactly like living in the world of anime. It has a simple and easy to use interface. You can binge-watch not only anime but movies and TV shows with the optional subtitles, too.


With anime as the latest trend in the world, the market growth is estimated to grow further. There are endless options for watching it online. The only difference is how you like it. If you are the one who wants a high-quality app with great customer support, then paid service is the best option. If budget is an issue, try the free ones as they offer great services with subs/dubs inclusive.

Since the inception and advancement of technology, gadgets like smartphones and tablets are known to have contributed a lot and made learning, fun and easy for kids. Early childhood is a crucial time for any person to get introduced to the ways in which he can learn new things.

The below-mentioned list has all the best baby android learning apps which vary according to specific skills:

ABC Kids:

Kids find this application very fascinating as it is simple, interesting and easy to use. They learn their ABC from this app. It needs the kids to trace the letter that pops up on the screen and then the app tells them about the letter. There is also a game in it which is about matching letters, lowercase, and uppercase letters. It has a beautiful collection of animals and environment in the background; which makes the kids stay glued to this app.

Bonus: It’s free of cost, advertisement free, and there are no in-app purchases.

First words for Baby apps:

A vocabulary builder app for small babies that includes a series of the best baby apps that consists of different themes like food, colors, and animals. The working of all these apps is almost similar in some way. First, it displays the word with an image from the category selected and then it tells what it is, by pronouncing that word.

Bonus: Free of cost app that teaches kids to talk.

Cons: Has advertisements, but can be removed by making a payment of $1.99.

Kids Balloon Pop:

A game like this is quite a great choice for little babies as this game is all about tapping on the screen to pop the balloons. It has several play modes but for your babies, normal mode is good to go. It has a free as well as a pro version which can be purchased whenever you feel the need.

Kids Doodle:

Toddlers can be seen moving their clumsy little fingers in some or other way whenever they get a hold of something like a pencil, chalk or color. This app is best for the kids as they are fond of drawing. Babies enjoy this app as it features a variety of attractive neon colors, 18 brushes, and canvas background colors that can be customized too. This app also provides you with a feature of recording the screen and capturing your kid’s drawing.

Bonus: It’s free of cost and advertisement free.

Although there are plenty of amazing and effective learning apps for kids, however, you should keep an eye on your kid and see if he is spending more than the required amount of time on the device.

1 Year old Boy

1) VTech Turn and Learn Driver


Boys and their love for driving is innate. They love to steer anything that makes them feel like they are driving. Turn and Learn driver is one such toy that provides them with the provision of moving the steering wheel in their own way and own direction where they want to.


It consists of 5 radiant buttons that produces distinct sounds of vehicles and animals when pressed. Added to this is a gear shift lever that gives the child a chance to move the steering in his chosen direction. The light shift gear too gives different effects.


  • A child can pretend to drive like his parents
  • A fun loving and an engaging game for your child
  • It has both the features of light and sound


  • The size of the toy is a bit smaller than required
  • The sound will stop when the toy is thrown on the ground

Why we like it?

We recommend this product for your kid as it will help him to know about basics of directions and movements.

2) Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car, Blue


A ride on vehicle, super amazing car for tiny tots who can enjoy their ride with ‘whisper ride II ride on push car’. It gives pleasure to the child while riding in the car. It is best for a parent to take their kids out. They can take the car along either when going for shopping or going for a long walk.


It’s a blue colored car with smooth wheels, a horn and a safety belt that ensures the security of the child while riding. It has a handle that is for parents to control the locomotion of the car. It also has a good storage space for storing little things. The wheels are smooth enough for an obstacle free ride.


  • It is quite strong and resistant
  • It is spacious enough for storing some things
  • It has an amazing look
  • It’s a relief for parents as they don’t have to carry their kids in their arms anymore


  • The headlights are not the real ones, they are just the stickers.

Why we like it?

The all time favorite toy for boys.  Car riding is always a fascinated thing amongst children, so this is the perfect toy for it.

3) Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys


Bathing a baby sometimes becomes tough as he is still reluctant towards water. Adding some fun to it may help you to make his bath interesting and fun loving. Nuby octopus is a floating little toy that will swim in the bath tub along with the baby. The tentacles of the octopus become playful for the child. He starts to enjoy his bath time.


The colors are vibrant, making the octopus more appealing to the baby. The tentacles of the octopus have 3 rings that can be tossed by the baby. It helps in improving his fine motor skills. It is made of the material that is safe and is non plastic.


  • It has bright and eye catching colors
  • It makes bathing a baby easy for mothers
  • It adds to more fun for the baby while bathing
  • The toy is made up of BPA free plastic


  • It sometimes become difficult for the child to toss the rings due its small size
  • The octopus does not remains stable

Why we like it?

It promotes fun and entertainment while bathing. The baby enjoys this time and becomes busy in playing with the octopus.

4) VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube


Sound, colors and images have the ability to bring the child’s attention towards them. Toddlers are always fascinated towards these sensory stimuli. The activity cube involves all in one experience that help the child to learn about different animal names, shapes and much more. It does promote the development of the sensory and motor skills. The baby becomes more interactive and is happy to play with the cube.


There are 5 sides and 4 buttons, when clicked produces names of animals and different shapes. It has a motion sensor that activates the sound when the cube is moved. It motivates the baby to crawl and improves his sitting. It has 14 incredible features that help in development of motor skills in the baby.


  • It has 25 options of sounds, animal names and shapes names
  • It incites imagination and exploration in the child
  • BPA free plastic material is used
  • It is an insightful toy


  • Due to its complex design, it’s difficult to sterilize or clean.
  • The cube is small in size comparatively

Why we like?

The toy is perfectly designed to promote intelligence and insightful thinking in kids. It’s a great medium to learn about different names and shapes.

5) Bright Starts Snuggle Teether Assorted


The baby needs something to chew constantly when he’s in the growing age and the teeth are yet to come. This snuggle teether is a perfect one for your baby. The cute animal design makes your baby to grab attention towards itself. It’s something your baby won’t let go off. It gives the child’s gum a soothing effect.


It is made of a very soft material that won’t hurt the child’s gums. It becomes pleasurable for the child as it also makes a sound when bitten upon. When pressed too, the sound is produced. It is based on the jungle theme and is fun to play with. It could also be the gift for the 1 year old boys.


  • It is the most stuffy and soft teether
  • It is mostly loved by children
  • The feature of sound makes this teether different from others
  • It is easy to wash.


  • The color or the dye comes out

Why we like it?

The softest material is used in order to keep the baby’s safety in mind. Teethers are usually very simple, but this one is attractive and enthralling.